12 Motivational Quotes For Strategy and Execution

Below are 12 motivational quotes that I’ve pulled together about the Overlooked Strategies to Achieve Speed, Agility and Flexibility within your organization! Share them with your team and look at how you can apply them together.

1. Even your best people wil fail to deliver their full potential unless they understand excatly what they’re responsible and accountable for, especially when they’re continually pulled in different directions.

Pulled in different directions

2. Frizzle, frazzle, fog, frenzy, and frustration are the primary issues keeping you from executing your Strategic Plan with excellence.

Strategic plan with excellence

3. Strategy requires “Take That Hill” clarity, while tactics require a Fitbit “10,000 steps a day” focus. Never confuse the two.

Take That Hill

4. The most successful organizations limit themselves to no more than 1-2 key priorities at a time, while most organizations mire themselves in 40 or more.

1 to 2 key priorities

5.  Don’t misunderstand the difference between ‘being accountable’ vs. ‘being on point.’

accountable vs on point

6.  Execution remains the eternal #1 CEO challenge. Ask yourself ‘Why?’

CEO Challenge

7. The vast majority of your employees cannot tell you the company’s strategic objectives, or how they contribute to achieving the corporate goals. Ask yourself ‘Why?’Company strategic objective8. The greatest cause of corporate confusion, misdirection, and busywork is lack of a simple, straightforward way to communicate status updates.

Corporate confusion

9. Execution is about creating desired outcomes, and it happens when the inputs are in alignment with the desired results.

Creating desired outcomes

10. Excellence in Execution is an ongoing process requiring vigilance to ensure that non-priorities don’t creep back onto the priority list and derail your strategic focus.

Excellence in Execution

11. Execution is straightforward…. but it’s not easy. Instead of a To Do list, it requires a clear sense of the outcomes you intend to accomplish, a clear roadma and a clear finish line.Execution is straightforward

12. Simplicity takes slightly more time to create and far less time to execute.

Less time to Execute

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