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Dear Profit-Minded Leader,

Did you know that:

  • 40% of companies who increase their revenues in a given year will decrease their profits? (ever had a great year on the top line but not much left on the bottom?)
  • 84% of businesses will score a C, D, or an F on the 2015 Return on People Benchmark Report (and you might be one of them, meaning no funds for growth and expansion)
  • 95% of leaders will put their greater goals on hold this year with the 7 scariest words in business: “We don’t have the budget for that!”

Imagine breaking free of your profit constraints, no longer a victim of economic turmoil. Imaging taking control of earning all the profit you need to fund the growth you want, with a roadmap of small powerful steps for achieving all of your numbers with ease.

You don’t have to just imagine it any more. Profit in Plain Sight launches July 14 and it provides exactly the Profit Plan that’s been missing in your business. Get on board and get ready to significantly increase your numbers this year.

You asked us all to plot our "Return on People". Unfortunately at that stage our profit was in the negative….actually negative $9,955 per employee. While our management team knew we were in a loss position, the impact of seeing ourselves “at the bottom of the class" was very impactful. For our year ended December 31, 2014, I am pleased to conform that we achieved $26,671 profit per employee. This was also the highest profitability levels in the organization's history.

- CFO, Major Roofing Manufacturer

You wouldn’t start a business without a Business Plan. You wouldn’t lead your business without a Strategic Plan. Don’t try to grow your business without a Profit Plan!

As an experienced executive, best-selling author, international speaker, and Accelerator, I’ve heard from thousands of leaders that they’re frustrated. They have big goals for their business but they can’t or won’t take on more debt. They’re working long hours and they instinctively know that often their people over-deliver, and often they leave money lying on the table. Why? They don’t have a proactive Profit Plan beyond their P&L. That means that profits become the leftovers from lower-than-expected revenues and higher-than-expected costs.

Puny profits aren’t pretty. You need to profit - on purpose.

It’s not just leaders and managers with P&L responsibility who need to be involved. It’s everyone in your business who touches a customer or incurs a cost to do business. This includes:

  • The C-suite
  • VPs, Directors, and General Managers
  • Division and Department Managers
  • Individual Contributors

It’s time to plug every leak and pull every profit lever.

Without a proactive Profit Plan, you don’t have a chance. The old thinking of selling more products and services to more customers at higher prices and lower costs is no longer enough.

Three Reasons This Is True Now More Than Ever

  1. Customers are more fickle and demanding than ever. Your customers live in a grass-is-always greener online, global supply reality. Unless you get it right the first time, every time and provide a great experience to create the path of least resistance and intense loyalty, your customers are at risk of being cherry-picked by your competition. It can take 10 good customers to replace one great one – could you name 10 replacements immediately AND get them onboard in a hurry if you had to, to maintain volumes and cash flow? Your best opportunities for new business are with old customers, and you need a Profit Plan that leverages what you’ve got in a whole new way. The Customer Profitability Diamond in Profit in Plain Sight delivers an AHA! Moment that will change your thinking forever, and is the gateway to the 5Ps of Proactive Customer Profitability Management and a powerful-yet-overlooked Loyalty strategy.
  2. Employees are more disengaged than ever. People. They’re one of your biggest costs. Their ideas, talents, behaviors, and attitudes are your greatest source of competitive advantage, AND your greatest headache when they’re not firing on all cylinders. That’s where having Profit On Purpose is critical as a means to provide new growth opportunities, job security, and the ability to contribute to causes and communities that matter. Nobody gets out of bed in the morning just to “make profit” – they get up in the morning to live a better life and love what they do. The Profit in Plain Sight Roadmap engages them in doing the right thing for themselves by doing the right things for your customers and your company to double or even quadruple your Return on People in less than 1 year.
  3. Leaders and Managers are more distracted than ever. There’s never any shortage of “must dos” and “should dos” on the strategic plan each year, and those tend to grow through the year as new bright shiny objects, crises, and opportunities arise. What’s missing is focus. The focus that enables you to execute with excellence and see tangible progress and results. Profit in Plain Sight provides the Profit Plan to create focus on the one thing that keeps you in business or puts you out of business: a healthy bottom line, earned safely, sustainably, and with integrity.

It feels overwhelming, right? All these demands. So many challenges. Hidden opportunities. And you … with the weight of the world on your shoulders to make it happen.

We all do email automatically every day… sometimes for hours. What would be possible if we all got hooked on taking small steps towards profitability every day?

You Need a Plan to Divide and Conquer the Profit Workload and Transform Profitable Behaviors into Every Day Habits.

In the old days, you could take a payment, pay the bills, and see what was left. It wasn’t a great system for profitability, but it was simple.

In the 20th century , driving profitability got a little more complicated. CRM, ERP, LEAN, Loyalty programs and more all promised us a better way.

So why is it that more than 80% of leaders confess that they don’t have the profit they need to fund the growth they want? Why are we seeing an increasing frequency of recessions? Why are we looking to governments for economic solutions when the power lies in our own hands and in our own business to create our own economic success, regardless of what the economy is doing?

Today, profits depend on re-humanizing the business of doing business in a high-tech world to achieve the following goals:

In other words, you need a new approach to connect the talent in your organization with the needs in your marketplace, in a way that is great for them, and highly profitable for you.

If only you had a roadmap to show you the way. Well, now you do…

Your 5-Step Profit in Plain Sight Roadmap Provides Three Benefits

  1. A profit plan provides top line growth NOW and TOMORROW with a proactive approach to managing customer loyalty and profitability by retaining, and your most profitable customers – the ones keeping you in business, and often the ones below the radar. It constructively re-engages the customers whom you know are costing you more than they’re worth. And it leverages the low-hanging fruit of dormant customers and those who left in search of greener grass.
  2. A profit plan provides bottom line growth SAFELY and SUSTAINABLY by eliminating sludge and unnecessary costs to serve to create a higher quality experience for your customer at every stage, higher productivity for your employees, and take-it-to-the-bank impact.
  3. A profit plan provides the catalyst for innovation in LOW RISK, LOW COST ways, because you’ll gain market insights that you never had before into what really matters to your customers, what’s holding them back, and how you can serve them better. Innovation and invention are two very different things – one sells, and one doesn’t, and its not always about new products.

How I Transformed Puny Profits into Profitable Growth, and You Can Too!

Here’s a little secret that no one else is telling you about safely, sustainably, and substantially increasing your profits…

It’s really not as complicated as it sounds.

Sure, there’s work involved, but if you’re serious about yourself or your product, you already knew that. But Profit in Plain Sight is exactly what the subtitle says: the Proven Leader’s Roadmap to Profit, Passion and Growth. And who couldn’t use more of EACH of those in their business! Best of all I shows you how to get results in less time per week than you’re spending on email per day.

Listen, over the past 25 years I’ve gotten a big flat spot on my forehead from banging my head against the wall figuring out tough turnarounds . I’ve experienced every setback, mistake, and headache you can imagine while building highly profitable companies as a senior executive and as a consultant. But I’ve also managed to:

  • Increase loyalty and retention by transforming a 50% client turnover rate into a 95% client retention rate while taking a new business close rate from 1 in 100 to 1 in 3.
  • Increase top line revenues by 583% simply by changing the playing field on the competition
  • Double bottom line profits in less than a year – without accounting jiggery or slash-and-burn cost cutting – even in a tough, price-sensitive market!
  • Put $4 million back on the bottom line of a $40 million company by eliminating unnecessary costs-to-serve
  • Create a blueprint for low-cost, low-risk innovation that competitors simply can’t copy
  • Develop high-potential employees and significantly increase productivity
  • Proactively manage customer profitability as an ongoing process, without time-consuming, complex, and expensive accounting systems.

The point of those numbers is not to brag. The point is to illustrate that I know what works (and what you should avoid). I carefully documented everything I learned in on the road to creating highly profitable businesses —successes AND failures.

Profit in Plain Sight consists of two major sections – Possibilities to shatter your speed limits on what you think you can achieve – and Practicalities: 5 chapters focused on solutions to the 5 most persistent challenges standing in the way of profitable growth. Each chapter is full of practical steps, real-world examples, and helpful resources – 15 downloadable resources in all! This is not a book full of “shoulds” based on armchair theories. It is not good intentions. It is full of proven-yet-uncommon solutions in plain sight to help you build your own profit plan and succeed.

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"There are a lot of gems hidden in plain sight in this book. Anne shows you specific steps and tools she has found to be successful in transforming business performance in a big way. It all starts with passion, profit, and growth. You and your team need to do the work but if you have time to watch TV or do e-mail, you can do this. Buy the book. Read it. And follow the instructions."

- Doug Wagner President of Sunwapta Solution

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"Ouch!!! Profit In Plain Sight made me take a hard and honest look into my company and helped me recognise what is not working. This book helped me to be honest with myself, my company, shareholders, employees and really “work” with my clients to build a superior client-supplier relationship, based in value conversations."

- Laura Aveledo Product Marketing Manager Moneris Solutions

"Anne has put together practical, proven ways to grow your business … every business owner and manager will find great ideas that will jump-start their business quickly."

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- Hugh R. Alley P.Eng. President First Line Training Inc.

"What a great read. If you are a leader looking for a book that packs a punch of value, guides you through a step-by-step process consistently supported by gobs of research to inspire and motive you to action Profit In Plain Sight is for you. I love how Anne peppers insights and actions with tough love leadership questions. Thank you Anne, my profits are soaring because of you!"

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