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Buy multiple copies for your team – your customers – your suppliers – your prospects – your business community – or your industry events – even personalize each book with your company logo or message!

  • Make your life be easier when all of your managers and employees are onside: Change the conversations, and you’ll change your results in a hurry. Give them each a copy with a core message or incentive to help them step up to shifting small everyday behaviors to those that will almost effortlessly drive increased profits. The book proves the how, you simply provide the follow-through.
  • Help your business thrive by rewarding your customers with the gift of success: If you do better when they do better, gift them a branded copy with your personal message inside. Trigger loyalty and impact by keeping your brand in front of them forever… because people just don’t throw out books!
  • Lead the way to a cycle of economic prosperity in your geography: Build your brand and leadership image when you partner with your Chamber of Commerce to provide branded copies to their members.
  • Build your brand within your industry association: be perceived as a leader when you partner with them to get branded copies to every member, or use this as a direct-response incentive in your advertising or direct mail a lead-generation incentive for new prospects!
  • Open doors with a high-value-add premium that shifts conversations with prospects from “price” to “value” and boosts reciprocity: books are always a desirable and acceptable gift that keeps you top of mind.

Build Your Brand

How many ways can YOU leverage Profit In Plain Sight to build your brand and drive results? Keep your brand and message evergreen – unlike other branded items, people simply DON’T throw away books!

The logistics for branded books are easy when you order 500 or more!

  • Your branded imprint on the front cover is included in the pricing below (add personal note inside from you, me , or both of us if you wish, for a small additional fee). This is a perfect approach for thanks-for-your-business loyalty campaigns or incentive-with-purchase campaigns. Allow a minimum of 6 weeks lead time for customization.
  • Ship directly to each recipient from the distributor to eliminate any logistics at your end. Or, receive your books in in a single shipment suitable when being used as a premium for corporate events, tradeshows or conferences.

Simply. Select your quantity and perks below and follow the instructions on the next page

More than 5000? Email me, and I’ll put together something really special that meets your needs.

Let’s go make good things happen!

The Senior Team Pack 10 books or more The Office or Client Bundle 50 books or more Extended Edition 500 books or more The Full Experience 2500 books or more
You’ll pay: Market Rate Market Rate $16 per book $11 per book
Your value-add perks are worth: $120 in Perks! $620 in Perks! $2,620 in Perks! $11,200 in Perks!
LIVE Keynote Speech & Book Signing

There’s nothing like a live experience to have significant and memorable impact with your customers and prospects! Perfect for when you’re sponsoring a tradeshow or industry conference, or create your own client/prospect event or annual company meeting

Virtual 60-minute Keynote for your internal or external audience.

Let’s get greater buy-in from your employees to be part of your Profit In Plain Sight Initiative, or Inspire and motivate your clients and/or suppliers to step up to higher performance levels. This is a great door-opener to secure 1-1 access for tough prospects!

Customization and Branding

Your branded imprint on the front cover is included! You may insert a personal note inside from you, me , or both of us if you wish, for a small additional fee).

Complimentary 10 minute 1-1 Q&A

Ask me any question about profit and growth and I’ll help share as much wisdom as I can from the school of hard knocks and successful implementations. Let’s talk!

Receive the entire Legendary Value e-Book Collection below:
Taming the Organizational Octopus
Does Your Firm Have the Spirit of Engagement
Eliminate Your Change Management Challenges with These Two Powerful Techniques
Here’s the #1 Way to Create WOW Customer Experiences
How to Prevent Frenzy, Frazzle, Fog, and Fizzle from Derailing Your Best Strategies.
Leverage Your Value Capital to Improve Profitability Now and In the Long Term
Quickly Boost Your Bottom Line with 6 Highly Effective Profit Levers You Can Pull Today
The Simple, Straightforward, and Overlooked Way to Get the Sludge Out of Your Operations

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