Below are 10 motivational quotes that I’ve pull together for inspiring productivity! Share them with your team and look at how you can apply them together.

1. Doing the right things right the first time, is infinitely sustainable if you simply make it a habit.

doing things right

2. Even efficient and effective organizations aren’t productive until the ladder is against the right wall.Feb MMM 1

3. Productivity happens when people do the right things, right – not just efficiently and effectively, but enthusiastically.

Feb MAQ 4

4. Successful leaders articulate outcomes and accountabilities to eliminate turf wars and conflicting metrics.

Feb MAQ 5

5. Skyrocket productivity by picking a project and asking: what can be done in the next 90 minutes… in the next 90 [working] hours… and in the next 90 days to move it forward?

Feb MAQ 7

6. Procrastination is simply not knowing what to do or not wanting to do it. Alignment solves both.

Feb MAQ 2

7. Our time is limited. Our energy can be unlimited.

Feb MMM4

8. Use data that’s ‘good enough for good decision making right now’ to skyrocket productivity.

Feb MAQ 6

9. If it doesn’t matter, it’s not worth your time, no matter how productive you are in doing it.

Feb MMM2

10. Spend your first 90 minutes of every day on your most important project, NOT EMAIL! When you start your day with email you’re serving everyone else’s agenda, not yours.

Feb MMM3

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