Below are 12 motivational quotes that I’ve pulled together about Creating Customer Loyalty and Retention in your business! Share them with your team and look at how you can apply them together.

1. Asking how customers feel instead of how satisfied they are will trigger candid, meaningful feedback, not platitudes.


2. The customer is always in the driver’s seat because they are the ones who control their wallet.Driver's Seat

3. Always keep your finger on the pulse of customer loyalty, otherwise, your business will get a painful wake-up call.Finger on Pulse

4. Every leader at every level instinctively knows there’s tremendous value in getting close to their customers… but rarely make the time to do it.Get close to Customers

5. Without hearing the voice of your customer you’re simply guessing what it will take to keep them loyal for longer.Guessing

6. Your first step in keeping a customer may simply be not annoying them!Keeping a Customer

7.  You’re leaving money on the table if you focus on selling today without taking the time to learn where your customers are going tomorrow. Leaving money on the table

8. Simply listening to your customers drives powerful results that will transform your business.  Are you listening as often as you should?Listening to Customers

9. Customer satisfaction is very different from customer loyalty.Satisfaction vs Loyalty

10. Conventional customer satisfaction surveys fail to adequately uncover service gaps or growth opportunities.Satistafaction surverys fail

11. The best way to differentiate yourself from your competition is to truly show your customers that you care.  Not by talking, but by listening to their needs and responding in ways that save them time, money, or solve a real problem.Show you Care

12. Is your business managing Loyalty and Retention in exactly the wrong way? Don’t focus on selling when you should focus on service. And don’t focus on service when you should be concerned with selling. Wrong Way

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