Are you off to a great start to the year, totally focused and making things happen, having mastered multiple ways to increase productivity?  Great!  Keep reading for a powerful concept that will turn your momentum into results.

Or, are you like most of the business colleagues I’ve talked to in the past few weeks, struggling post-holiday to:

  • get back into a productive rhythm
  • deal with an overwhelming To Do list
  • tame the overwhelming number of emails that piled up when you took some downtime
  • keep up with a crazy-busy calendar
  • buckle down and focus on the priorities that will REALLY move your business forward this year

Print a copy of this week’s fun little F.O.C.U.S infographic, which was inspired by my wonderful colleague Sam Horn’s book Conzentrate, and circulate it to your team to help everyone hit a productive reset button and increase their focus on what matters.

5 ways to increase productivity. Check out the how to’s on the Infographic.

F  Five More of Anything is Powerful

O One Think at a Time

C Conquer Procrastination

U Use Habit Stacking

S Set Specific Start-Finish Times (and make sure they’re generous – but not endless)

The 5 steps of the F.O.C.U.S model are simply designed to help you hit the reset button and restore some level of focus.  To really execute this year, you’ll need to identify your most critical goal, and start playing a little football with it.  If you don’t know what I mean by that, click here for the ways to win the Super Bowl of Execution!

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