Hi! I’m Anne

I exponentially increase profits for my clients by massively changing mindsets about profitability in minutes… I show employees at all levels how to create more customer value, increase competitive advantage, spot profitable new opportunities and generate take-it-to-the-bank results, just through small shifts in their everyday behaviours that create value for you AND your customers.… and I love to help you celebrate results you never thought you could achieve.


Anne showed me the holy grail of increasing our profits in a systematic, proven way.

Sean McGuinness

CEO, Tompkins Industries

I recommend anyone who is looking for new and creative ways to develop and market products or services to work with Anne Graham.

Nicholas Weichsler

BOM, Global Service Sales and Channels, Cisco

My Why:

In the early 1990’s I had a front row seat as the world’s second largest computer company – the Apple of its day and a once-great company – downsized 120,000 people worldwide in less than 4 years and vanished, its bare bones bought by a competitor that none of us had ever taken seriously. As a new manager I had just returned my division to profitability for the first time in 5 years… but it wasn’t enough to even make a dent in the train wreck of a company that wanted to grow sales at all costs.

Chasing costly revenues put them in a position where they didn’t have the cash flow or financial strength to pay the bills or invest for growth. Instead, the company tried to cut its way to growth by with ever-deeper discounts as it repeatedly downsized the brilliant people who were its source of innovation, operations, and client care. More than 30 years later, business leaders are STILL stuck in those outdated, ineffective strategies.

Favorite Saying #1:
“Only customers create cash flow,
only employees earn it”

Since then, I’ve had a singular mission: to eliminate the downsizings, rightsizings, and layoffs that are the direct result of not being profitable, by showing companies how to profit NOT at the expense of their customers and employees, but by creating value for them. Because you can’t shrink your way to growth. As founder of the Legendary Value Institute and ProfitU™, I’ve created a way to share the strategies, tactics, and tools I wish I’d had during all the years of successful tough turnarounds that I took on in the years after Digital Equipment Corporation vanished.

Favorite Saying #2:
“The only person who likes change
is a baby with a wet diaper”

Put a wet diaper on a dry baby and see what reaction you get. Ask employees to change when they don’t understand why its better than the status quo and you’ll get the same reaction.

Reframe the change as a dry, comfortable diaper, and employees will go there as fast as they can, all on their own. They’ll gladly make and maintain the small shifts in everyday behaviors that will deliver huge impacts on profitability.

Go one step further and make it game… and it’s one they want to win!

Engaged employees build the kinds of highly profitable companies that the top talent aspires to work with, and that the best customers never want to leave – companies with Legendary Value! And that’s what I create with ProfitU™, as the outcome of My Why.