Become the Manufacturer of Choice for your Customers – Employees – Top Talent

Most manufacturing companies in BC are not properly positioned to fully benefit from their continuous improvement efforts today or succeed as the industry moves through the biggest change since the industrial revolution.

Let the Consortium help you confidently achieve enterprise excellence today while positioning your firm for success in the future.

In my experience, nothing drives change in an organization more successfully than engaging with like minded people in a lean consortium. It was leverage on steroids, engaging all levels of the organization.


President (Retired), Humble Manufacturing Company

I have personally sent almost 300 people to AME conferences over the past 10 years and I can honestly say that we easily exceeded 20X the investment in business results.


Director, Enterprise Excellence, AERA Energy

As the Consortium Director, I’ve learned that the easiest way to evaluate whether the BC Manufacturing Excellence Consortium will deliver value to you is for us to meet for 30 minutes, discuss the value-add of all the moving parts, and get all your questions answered.

Experiencing any of these 5 challenges? It’s time to join a Consortium!

Overwhelmed as you battle the complexity and workload of your continuous improvement efforts?

Running out of steam with your lean efforts and discourage by the costs of on-time/complete/ conformance issues?

Battling pressure on margins because the competitive landscape continually becomes more demanding?

Frustrated by having to work long hours and doing too much yourself as you try to find and keep good people?

Loosing sleep not knowing where you’ll find the time and money to prepare for the massive changes coming to manufacturing… and you know you can’t afford to guess wrong on what that looks like?

Why wait any longer to have more of your people see or learn something clever that others have already implemented
and that you haven’t thought of yourselves?

Accelerate learning from local and international peer interactions – Apply learning from See-Believe-Do Tours – Improve access to training at reduced costs – Be held accountable for transforming good ideas into results – Benchmark the best, focus, and achieve breakthrough results…

Why Wouldn’t You Invest a Low 5 Figures for a 6- or 7-Figure ROI?

Get out of overwhelm… build an engaged, focused, competent team… and create an actionable plan to get the work done right the first time today… while seeing a clear path to thrive in the rapidly-evolving world of manufacturing tomorrow.

Your peers in the BC Enterprise Excellence Consortia are already accessing a network of new thinking about how to make continuous improvement work for them, with a comprehensive suite of world-class programs, products and services.

They’re sharing their knowledge, expertise, successes and failures to help each member confidently survive, thrive, and prosper in the future of enterprise excellence, not just operations excellence.

Designed for companies committed to creating tangible results from continuous improvement for your customers, your employees, and your bottom line.

Just one good idea, well-implemented, will more than pay for membership, many times over.

Affordable monthly fees. Limited Places Available. By Application Only.

Getting the whole team inputting ideas and moving us forward with better mehtods to reduce costs and lead time while improving quality and increasing services was the key to survival in a global market… Having our people at all levels talking to and workng with peers from the other member companies accelerated individual growth. It was a great advantage to have input from outside eyes… Training sessions with staff from different companies and cross functions brought out ideas that would never be thought of or implemented by internal training alone.


Vice President and General Manager, Columbia Plastics

Join us, and get ready to achieve the kind of enterprise excellence that drives competitive advantage, market relevance, organizational efficiencies and financial results, even as the Future of Manufacturing evolves.