Overall economic uncertainty, trade issues, and financial market jitters means it could be a challenging year for business leaders. 

Maybe you’ve set goals to achieve higher sales, increase profitability, and finally land that big new account.  New product launches and updated marketing strategies are on the drawing board.  You’ve got lean initiatives to increase productivity, increase efficiency, and reduce waste.  Perhaps you’re investing in automation or other technologysound familiar? Your goals aren’t wrong.  It’s just that you need to do something different because:

Most leaders will fail to achieve significant progress
on any of these goals, and it doesn’t have to be that way.

Setting your sights on one clear profitability goal and mobilizing around it doesn’t mean all those other good things go away when you drive profits with a plan that focuses on having employees and customers shift their everyday behaviors to enhance value to them and value to you, you’ll find that you increase sales the right way, earn customer loyalty, find new product development inspiration, increase efficiencies, and reduce waste. 

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Case Study:

The Problem: 

They were losing almost $10,000 of profit per employee per year and were looking at the conventional alternatives – downsizing, layoffs, restructuring.  The problem is, they had aggressive growth plans to expand across North America and you can’t shrink your way to growth.  They needed profit because growth was consuming cash they didn’t have. 

The Profit In Plain Sight Solution:

According to the CEO, the wake up call that started their transformation came from Benchmarking themselves on the Profit-per-Employee results in their sector.  They saw that other manufacturers were achieving an average of $29K of profit per employee.  All of a sudden the status quo was unacceptable and their competitive spirit surfaced in a hurry.

Download the 2018 Profit Per Employee Infographic because the average is higher now and you don’t want to get left behind.

Next, they started to implement the Profit Roadmap that I taught them, which has nothing to do with downsizing, gouging customers, driving revenues at all costs or slashing expenses.  Instead, they got strategic about creating customer value and eliminating costs that shouldn’t ever have worked their way into the business.

Their Profitability Results:

Within 2 years, they had turned that $10K loss into profits of $26K per employee.  And a year later they increased their results to an industry-leading $31K per employee.

Profitability is the applause you receive for creating great customer valueThis firm earned a standing ovation.

Is it time for YOU to implement a proven Profit Roadmap and earn YOUR standing ovation?

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