Below are 12 motivational quotes that I’ve pulled together about creating Innovation that Sells for your business! Share them with your team and look at how you can apply them together.

1. Gretzky skated to where the puck was going. To innovate, you need to skate to where your customers are going.

Where customers are going

2. Stop asking what customers want. Observe what they need.

What Customers Want

3. Innovation sometimes means saying no to good ideas… and continuing the search for great ideas.

Saying no to good ideas

4. Low-risk, low-cost innovation that is high value-add, not just a cool invention, holds the key to success.


5. Inventions often sit on the shelf. Innovations sell like hotcakes.

Inventions often sit on the shelf

6. Never confuse invention with innovation. Only innovation sells.

Invention with Innovation

7. Innovation that connects on an emotional basis is stronger than innovation purely driven by functionality.

innovation that connects

8. Innovation can sometimes be hard to envision, but we all know it when we see it.

Hard to envision

9. Every great product is based on helping the customers simply do what they’re trying to do.

Great Products

10. Success happens when a great idea intersects with a customer need or want.

Great idea intersect

11. Faster-Better-Cheaper is not the goal of Innovation. It’s Value.


12. Creating a company that can capitalize on growth opportunities is wiser than looking for a growth industry.

Capitalize on Growth

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