Below are 12 motivational quotes that I’ve pulled together about Developing a Corporate Reputation for Quality for your business! Share them with your team and look at how you can apply them together.

1. We tend to blame the people for quality problems, and most often it’s the process that is flawed.


2. Let your front-line people say “yes” instead of exhausting your customers by forcing them to tell their story multiple times while their issue is repeatedly escalated without resolution.

Front-line Say Yes


3. It’s no longer enough to provide Functional Quality with your products and services. You must create Experiential Quality to complete the quality equation.

Functional Quality

4. When your Customer Experience is outstanding, you can become the Gold Standard in your industry, even if you’re not the biggest company.

Gold Standard


5. Being the gold standard in terms of how the customer feels when they do business with you is achievable for every company with the will to pursue that goal.

How the Customer Feels


6. Customers will either love or avoid dealing with you, simply based on the quality of Experience you provide. The left-brain logic of a low price is easily over-ridden by emotional right brain no-go if they’re left with a bad taste in their mouth.

Love or Avoid

7. Are you the path of least resistance when you serve your customers or an obstacle course?

Obstacle Course


8. Just one bad customer service incident can destroy years of developing a reputation for Quality.

One Bad Customer


9. Functional Quality + Experiential Quality = Perceived Quality

Perceived Quality


10. An ounce of proactive prevention is worth a pound of cure when it comes to quality issues.

Proactive Prevention


11. Simply get it right the first time and, if you don’t make it right the second time.

Right the First Time


12. Stop Band-Aiding. Fix your customer service issues for good.

Stop Band-Aiding

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