Here’s a 17 minute podcast that is well worth listening to and sharing with your teamespecially if you’re still struggling with on-time/completion issues, building a strong culture, rejuvenating your continuous improvement efforts, or wondering how to safely make the transition to Manufacturing 5.0 (yes, 5.0).

This podcast highlights the benefits of being part of a Manufacturing Consortium, where you share areas you excel in, learn from others who excel in different areas, and ultimately grow as a group.  Devoting a ½ day once a month, with the help from others, to upping your game may be all it takes to make 2019 an easier, more productive, more successful year.

Don’t just take my word for the benefits that you’ll experience:

“In my experience, nothing drives change in an organization more successfully than engaging with like-minded people in a lean consortium.  It was leverage on steroids, engaging all levels of the organization.”

Ron Walsh, President (Retired), Humble Manufacturing Co.

Getting the whole team inputting ideas and moving us forward with better methods to reduce costs and lead time while improving quality and increasing services was the key to survival in a global market. The Consortium made this much more efficient as pooling our resources led to being able to bring in the best outside resources available at a reasonable cost. Having our people at all levels talking to and working with peers from the other member companies accelerated individual growth. It was a great advantage to have input from “outside eyes” as the member companies held kaizen events and shared personnel to increase the idea input and stimulate thinking. Training sessions with staff from different companies and cross functions brought out ideas that would never be thought of or implemented by internal training alone.”

Brian Holmes, Vice President and General Manager, Columbia Plastics

If you’re in BC I’d be happy to speak with you further about the BC Enterprise Excellence Consortium, and if you’re elsewhere, I highly encourage you to find and join a local Consortium. To speak further, click here.