A very wise CEO once told me “I don’t worry about profit anymore. I have 110 people who pay attention to it every day.”

That’s what I can help you achieve too… in a way that’s completely different from what your CFO does.

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Are you significantly more profitable than you were 5 years ago?  Find out where you may be stuck and exactly what to do about it.
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Profit isn’t about bookkeeping, it’s about behaviors that create or destroy value. Learn the customer-focused and people-centric P.R.O.F.I+T playbook to double profits within 1 year.  Includes FREE downloadable resources.

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For the last 25 years, I’ve had the privilege to work with world-class professionals: Anne is right there at the top. Her commitment to helping companies to grow is total. She’s all about creating value for the stakeholders. We took our CustomerProfitability Ratio from 2:1 to 5:1 within 1 year – a huge boost to profitability.


President, Cabico Customer Cabinetry

I recall your season as if it was yesterday: You asked us all to plot our “Return on People” on the chart. Unfortunately at that stage this indicator was actually negative $9,955 per employee. We immediately set a new goal and implemented our Profit Plan. As of our most recent year end, I am pleased to confirm that we achieved $31,671 of profit per employee – the highest profitability levels in the organization’s history.


CFO, Delta Building Products



How much are profit leaks costing you?

Do you frequently find yourself putting good initiatives on hold?

Do you chase revenue and close new business only to see little or no difference on your bottom line?

Are you frustrated because you’ve invested a lot in lean and other programs, but haven’t seen tangible results?

Do you lose sleep wondering how to fund the future of your business?

Do you find yourself asking why people don’t “get it”… and can’t “do it”?

Do you dream of the day when your business is profitable enough to reward yourself and your people for everyone’s hard work?

what i do

Manufacturing is on the cusp of massive change. Massive change consumes massive cash. Where will yours come from?

For over 25 years, I’ve worked with the Fortune 50 and much smaller companies to help them double and quadruple their profits with integrity, by uncovering hidden customer value and helping employees shift the everyday behaviors that create or destroy value. How do I do that? Find out more below.

The Most Frequent Ways I Work With Clients:

1 to 1 With Your Team

When you’ve tried everything to improve profits but still fall short of your goals, it’s time to implement the proven P.R.O.F.I+T Roadmap: a systematic process to shift the small everyday behaviors that create or destroy value, that delivers substantial take-it-to-the-bank results within 30 days… with no upfront fee.

Profit, Pivot, or Perish!

Need fresh thinking for a conference, company meeting, or small executive group? I challenge leaders at all levels to step up, think bigger, and think differently to transform their business into customer-focused, people-centric, profit powerhouses.

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