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ALL the links in the book now land on this page, and if you’re here, you’re looking for one or more of the resources referenced in each chapter, based on something that intrigued you. Let’s get you what you need.

In the years since Profit in Plain Sight became an overnight #1 Best-Seller in 2014, I’ve modified and updated many of the resources based on feedback from my readers and clients. 

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Although the original book links led to comprehensive training videos for every chapter – some up to 30 minutes in length – leaders reached out to tell me that they were STILL struggling to get their teams on board and get into a rhythm of implementation to see results.  As a result, they weren’t getting the results they’d hoped for, and they asked for a higher level of support. 

Enter the next evolution that turns book learning
into Take-it-to-the-Bank Results

I took the book one giant step further and built an online university called ProfitU™that engages your cross-functional team in doing the work – quickly, easily, and with tons of support including personal mentoring and coaching from me.  

I’ve takes all the strategies, tactics, and how to’s from the book (and more) and re-formatted them into comprehensive weekly  lessons that include worksheets, infographics, and lots of 1-3 minute “learn and do” videos to keep up to date in this no-time, short-attention-span, YouTube world.  

Check out ProfitU™ and see the success stories of companies who’ve generated tremendous results… in less time per week than they’re spending on email.

Here’s where you’ll find new and improved versions of the videos and tools originally listed in Profit in Plain Sight, plus much, much more.

Semester 1: Powerful Insights

The Customer Profitability Diamond

Get Insights: Value Creation Conversations

Get Proactive: Retain, Ramp Up, and Restore to Breakeven or Better

Semester 2: Obliterate Operational Sludge

The 5 Factors that Cause 80% of Your Service Issues

The Regain and Reactivate Strategies

Semester 3: Price for Value

7 High Impact, High Value Pricing Strategies (the other 14 are in Year 2 of ProfitU™)

Semester 4: Ignite the Infinite ROI of Innovation

7 Hard-to-Copy Innovation Strategies (the other 14 are in Year 2 of ProfitU™)

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