ProfitU™- The Online University For Your Entire Team That Delivers Bottom Line Results

If, in just 30 minutes I could show you how to turn a 6-Figure commitment (with NO upfront payment) into a 7- or 8-Figure return with strong cash flow, would it be worth your time to find out a little bit more?

And if I could promise that this work is significantly different from everything your CFO is doing to improve cash flow and profit, would you want to talk?

Before you leave this page, see the 5 reasons below that we SHOULD talk about continuously improving your profit.

Within the first 30 days of working through ProfitU™ with no upfront payment, we added enough profit to our bottom line to fund the entire program.  Within 3 months our margins were up 5% and individual sales were up 7-13% year-over-year, enabling us to hit breakeven vs a loss of $20K/month last year, yet we were still able to reinvest in the business.  Within 6 months, we achieved the profitability goal we’d set for the entire year.


I’ve been able to collect an unbelievable amount of information from the Value Creation Conversations. I’m amazed by how much information has come back with opportunities to grow our business with the clients and easy fixes that can help improve our relationships with them.!!!!   In 30 years of business I’ve never had so much fun collecting this type of information, what a tool!  We’ve been able to collect amazing testimonials that will help us grow new business.  Here’s a surprising thing… I love the fact that the ProfitU involves the whole team and has a positive spillover effect on all of our accounts – ProfitU makes moving the ball forward much easier.


I see so much value in the weekly structure and the scoreboards – everything is transparent and much easier to manage. We’ve created so many wins that we can now embark on our long-overdue profit-sharing goal. We are using all the tools you’ve provided even beyond the scope of ProfitU to get so much more accomplished. And it’s all going to the bottom line. We’ve achieved our highest sales ever, and our highest profit ever.

VP Sales

We were surprised by the number of neutral Net Promoter scores when we thought we had great relationships with those customers. What a great opportunity to turn them into raving fans now that we know what to do next!


Boy did we get a surprise when we started the process to get rid of the costly sludge in our business because the 5 whys process gave us a huge wake up call. We thought we had the right answer without going digging down at least 5 times, but after going though it we came to a totally different conclusion on what the root cause was, and we were able to get unnecessary costs out of our business for good. Our mentoring call where you advised us to “stick with the process” made all the difference in our results.


In the past we had good intentions but did not get them accomplished. Just having tasks visible to everyone and documented in a simple system with a deadline attached seems to make me more accountable! We’re seeing different opportunities daily and looking at them differently now.

Senior Account Manager

I don’t worry about profit anymore. I have 110 people who pay attention to it every day.


You can create profit wins like the ones above the same way a team
repeatedly gets to and wins the Super Bowl.

They play to win – consistently. They practice and fine-tune every area of their game every week, develop their high potential players, monitor and improve their KPIs, create their own unique plays for competitive advantage, measure progress towards their goals with every first down, learn from setbacks, never take their eye off the prize, and celebrate every victory.

That’s what ProfitU™ does for your business.

ProfitU™ is for companies who are doing a lot of good things yet failing to see the tangible bottom line results they deserve.

If you’re committed to having the profit and cash flow you need to fund growth, or need strong financials to support a premium valuation for a liquidity event, ProfitU™ is the solution you’ve been looking for.

Let’s transform profitability into a game your employees want to win.

Super Bowl rings don’t come cheap. Neither do exponential profit increases.

BUT… there are NO upfront fees.

You Can’t Say
“We Don’t Have the Time”

Your ProfitU™ team will spend just 90 minutes per week over one year, continuously shifting the small behaviors that create profit instead of destroying it.

Your employees are already spending at least 90 minutes every day doing email… which never moves the needle in your business.

What if they spent a fraction of that time transforming your business?

ProfitU™ is by application only, with an intake interview to ensure there’s a good fit.

You Can’t Say
“We Don’t Have the Budget”

ProfitU™ requires a 6-figure commitment – NOT up front, but paid over the duration of the program from the exponential profit gains delivered by the program.

I will work with you for the first 30 days at no charge, to kick-start your profit gains – guaranteed.

That’s unheard of in the professional services industry.

Places are limited, and you may be waitlisted for the next available place.

You Can’t Say
“We Have Other Priorities”

ProfitU™ helps you reach your strategic goals more quickly by delivering these Superbowl-sized wins:

  • 1.

    Market Relevance to
    fuel growth

  • 2.

    Cash Flow and Profit to
    fund growth

  • 3.

    Employee Engagement
    and Alignment to
    facilitate growth

  • 4.

    Excellence in Execution
    to deliver growth

I only work with leaders who demonstrate seriousness of intent and a commitment to transform their company.
Is that you?

The most efficient use of our time is to schedule a phone call to explore where you’re at, where you want to go, and what you need to do next to close the gap and achieve your goals more quickly and easily. Let’s evaluate whether or not there’s a mutual fit. I’ll invest that time with you… if you’ll invest that time in yourself.

Just a few of the firms who have experienced exponential increases in profitability, and taken advantage of the short window of opportunity to build a war chest that will see them through the seismic shifts that are happening in manufacturing:

How much are profit leaks costing you?

How often do you find yourself putting good initiatives on hold because you “don’t have the budget for that”?

Are you frustrated because you’ve invested a lot in lean, find it hard to sustain, and haven’t seen enough ROI?

Do you find yourself asking why people don’t “get it”… and why they can’t just “do it”?

How often do you dream of the day when your business is profitable enough to reward yourself and your people for everyone’s hard work?

What is it costing you personally to lose sleep wondering how to fund the future of your business?

Do you chase revenue and close new business only to see little or no difference on your bottom line?

5 Reasons We Should Talk About Continuously
Improving Your Profit

Your CFO is already working hard to optimize profits. But profit is about behaviors, not bookkeeping. CFOs are trained to manage profitability by the numbers, but their role by definition has little or no impact on day-to-day behaviors of every employee at every stage of the value chain where profit is created or destroyed. It doesn’t mean the CFO is not doing his job… it’s just that there’s a different job to be done.

Your Lean Continuous Improvement Team is working hard to optimize profits. They’re going deep within your operations to improve efficiencies and drive out waste out, but Lean impacts less than 30% of your Value Chain, and only 1 of the 5 categories of subtle, hidden costs that destroy profitability… there’s a broader job to be done.

I’m not an Accountant. Accountants are trained to focus on outputs, often in a reactive way.
I’m not a Consultant. Consultants focus on inputs, such as their billable time, reports produced, or done-for-you implementation where they take their knowledge with them when they leave.

I’m an Accelerator. For over 20 years, it’s been my privilege to bring about acceleration and speed to achieve desired results, helping manufacturers not just survive but THRIVE despite recessions and change, so they can scale their business with confidence… and celebrate their wins! I’ve shared profit strategies that their accounting team never learned as they pursued their designations, and that their leaders never learned in business school. By making profitability a fun and engaging game that employees want to win, they’ve exponentially, safely, and sustainably increased their profits every year. Let’s show your team how, because profit makes everything you’ve always dreamed of doing in your business become possible. What’s YOUR dream?

My “Whatever It Takes” Guarantee is unprecedented. As long as you’re doing the work, I’ll go above and beyond as required to help you get the results you want. How unusual!

My “No Upfront Fees” Approach is unheard of in the professional services industry. I don’t get paid until YOU see more profit – 30 days after we start working together and every quarter thereafter as you work through the Semesters of ProfitU™. That means that taking action and seeing results does NOT require “finding the budget” first. How refreshing!

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