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Anne… did an extraordinary presentation. Very well prepared and delivered. Very professional too… a real Wow!!! All my members agreed about her being among the 5 best speakers we had over the last 60 months.

Andre Turcotte

TEC Chair, TEC Canada

I’ve looked to manufacturing to increase profits. Anne came at the issue from another angle, and delivered results.

David Doepker

Founder & CEO, Doepker Industries

Do You Want Deeper, More Lasting Impact From a Speaker At Your Next Event?

I’m not the kind of motivational speaker who will have everyone leaping to their feet and doing a fist pump before they go back to business a usual when they leave.

By delivering thought-provoking content in a fun way, I inspire attendees to pursue the vision, strategies, tactics, and tools to survive, thrive, and prosper in an era of unmitigated change, and transform their business from profit-challenged into customer-focused, people-centric, profit powerhouses that can fund their dreams for the future.

I challenge leaders to step up, think bigger, think differently, take action, and see tangible results in three ways:

I share a unique view of the future of manufacturing that stimulates deep, strategic conversations about where you are today and where you will need to be in 5 years. Because the future of manufacturing is not… manufacturing.

I create an AHA! moment for attendees by sharing an eye-opening benchmark to evaluate their performance against what “best” really is. Then, we explore how to use their results as a powerful catalyst for setting the bar higher… and achieving it.

I teach participants that profit and growth are all about behaviors, not bookkeeping, and share the powerful, practical P.R.O.F.I+T Roadmap that transforms conventional and all-to-confining accounting-based approaches for increasing revenues and cutting costs. When participants understand the process for transforming the small everyday behaviors that destroy value into habits that create value, they finally understand how to create take-it-to-the-bank results.

As a Speaker of the Year, and the #1 Best Selling Author of Profit in Plain Sight, I was selected to keynote the prestigious Profit 500 CEO Summit, I deliver workshops annually at the largest lean conference in the world, and regularly speak to small executive groups across North America.

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